Talia Perez talks about new single “Lights so Bright ft. Sunlit Souls” in exclusive interview with Artist Rack

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‘A bold move for a young talent, it would have been easy for her to take the RNB/dance route but instead, Perez has opted to accompany her upbeat and all-together positive vocal content with razor-sharp electronic beats and hard-hitting sound. You should never judge a book by its cover and this statement couldn’t be any more relevant when summing up Talia Perez’ music. ‘    Click to read full review here



Talia Perez makes a appearance at the 2018 MLK Red Carpet Freedom Ball Gala at the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills


Talia Perez Exclusive Interview with Buzz Music LA Click here



Talia Perez is a singer and artist with a fascinating charisma and a very direct pop appeal. Her most recent release is a single titled “West Coast”, and it is definitely going to impress listeners with its fresh melodies and astonishing production value.’ Check out the full review  here




Talia Perez graces cover of Hulu advertisement for 2018 lifestyle shoot campaign.





“To say that Los Angeles based singer songwriter Talia Perez’s track is full of her iconic attitude would almost be an understatement, with some of the strongest Urban Pop vocals I’ve heard in a long time it remains a mystery how this stunningly talented performer remains on the underground and not plugging the radio waves and bringing her cascading cacophonies to dancefloors around the world is beyond me.

Her sound is pretty reminiscent of other female icons that millennials got to soak up in their youth such as Christina Aguilera, yet Talia Perez’s beats have infinitely more edge thanks to their stylish licks and stomach churning drops making each verse more delectable than the last.

Talia’s latest track Successful was released late January 2018 and proved that she was the female role model that the Pop scene was looking for. To think the Pop EDM star Is just 20 years old and already has the ability to belt out ballads as well as Aretha Franklin is pretty mind blowing.”





Talia Perez appeared on Florida radio station “AVA Live Radio” to talk about her new release “Success.” Get to know 20 year old upcoming pop/edm artist by reading her “Behind the Music” Pre-Interview at




Talia Perez Shows off her Versatility with a Killer Chilled out Original

‘Hey fans! Thanks for tuning in for yet another weekend of awesome music. Today we are bringing you an awesome, chilled out, R&B, Hip-Hop, pop infused record by original recording artist, Talia Perez. Talia shows us her killer versatility, providing incredible sounding, meaningful, and at times, haunting lyrics, sprinkled over an awesome production that focuses on subtle 808‘s, drawn out breakdowns, and solid leads, that snowball into an overall killer production. We give Talia Perez extreme props on this one as she’s seem to strike a chord between a balance of radio ready play, and niche productions. Can’t wait to see where this one goes!” 




Debut Single “Champion” Charts #2 on WLAS 102.9FM

Talia Perez released debut single “Champion” and the music video was titled “Video of the Week” on Speak Music Radio. Afterwards, “Champion” quickly rose to chart at #2 on the Top Ten List on WLAS 102.9FM Radio.



14 Year old Talia Perez amazes judges with powerful, soulful  performance of David Guetta’s “Titanium and moves on to Boot Camp Round in Miami, FL. Demi Lovato stated “You blew me away” and Simon Cowel said that the 14 yr old vocals reminded him of Grammy Award nominee Leona Lewis and Mahlia Jackson.

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